Brunswick Police Department 



Officer Ronnie Thorpe

The Brunswick Police Department is proud to announce that Officer Ronnie Thorpe has been named as the Officer of the Year.  A former employee, Officer Thorpe returned to BPD in March of 2009 after being out of law enforcement for fifteen years.  A proud United States Army veteran, Officer Thorpe served our country for over thirteen years.  As a member of Delta Force, 10th Mountain Division, he traveled extensively overseas.   During his time in the military Officer Thorpe also held a regional Featherweight Kickboxing champion title for two years.  

Officer Thorpe was selected in November of 2010 to be a part of Force 23, an aggressive patrol unit tasked by Chief Green with working the areas of the city with the highest crime rates.  In addition to his outstanding performance as a part of Force 23, Officer Thorpe has also demonstrated a passion for helping to solve crimes through the collection of fingerprints at crime scenes.  He has been recognized by Chief Green, Fingerprint Specialist David Seawell and his peers for obtaining quality prints that led to the identification and arrest of suspect.  He is also a valued member of the SWAT team.  

 Officer Thorpe has received several commendations during his time with the Brunswick Police Department.    





Tommy Dixon, Animal Control Officer


The Brunswick Police Department is proud to announce that Animal Control Officer Tommy Dixon has been named the Civilian Employee of the Year.  AC Officer Dixon returned to the department to assist with this function when AC Officer Mickey Senior became ill unexpectedly.  AC Officer Dixon immediately went to work to make sure that Animal Control services for the city continued without any interruption or inconvenience to the residents. 

AC Officer Dixon takes a special interest in animal cruelty cases.  He is always on the lookout for animals who are being treated in an inhumane manner by their owners, making charges against those owners, and following the cases all the way through the court process.  He also follows up on animals from the city that are released to Glynn County Animal Services to be offered for adoption to make sure they find good homes.







Rev. Paul Lawrence, Volunteer Chaplain 

The Brunswick Police Department is proud to announce that Volunteer Chaplain Program participant Reverend Paul Lawrence was chosen as the Volunteer of the Year.  Rev. Lawrence does "double duty" for the department; he serves as both a volunteer chaplain and is a member of the Citizens Observer Program.  He has volunteered with the department for many years and never hesitates to ask how he can be of service.  

As a long-time member of the COP, Rev. Lawrence can often be found helping out on evenings and weekends by patrolling in the COP vehicle.  He assists with funeral escorts and other duties.  As a volunteer chaplain, he is on-call to provide counseling and support to both department members and crime victims.  Rev. Lawrence also participates  by providing invocations at various department functions.



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