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Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is one of the oldest and most well-known crime prevention programs.  The National Neighborhood Crime Watch Program was developed by The National Sheriff's Association at the request of sheriffs and police chief's from across the country.  It is one of the most effective and least costly ways to combat crime in your community.  This crime prevention program can heighten the community's observation powers while enhancing neighborhood security.  

Goals of a Neighborhood Watch Program 
  • Increasing citizens' awareness of burglary and other neighborhood crime through a continuing information program.
  • Training citizens in the means of better property security and assist them in making their property more secure.
  • Developing a neighborhood action program where neighbors help watch each other's property and report suspicious persons and activities to law enforcement agencies.
  • Encouraging all citizens to cooperate with law enforcement agencies in reporting crime. 
  • Enlisting each home/apartment business in Operation Identification.
Duties and Responsibilities
1. Neighborhood Coordinator
  • Coordinates activities of Block Captains and Block Watchers participating in program.
  • Recruits neighborhood residents into the program.
  • Acts as a liaison with the police department and disseminates information communicated to them which may lead to the solution of a crime.
2. Block Captain
  • Hosts a Neighborhood Watch meeting.
  • Personally visits each home/apartment/business in his/her block, announcing the meeting and encouraging neighbors to participate.
  • Acts as a base for Operation Identification.  Neighbors can pick up Operation Identification materials from their Block Captain in order to participate in the program.  The goal of 100% participation is essential in order to achieve the program objectives.  
  • Acts as a liaison with the police department and disseminates any information communicated to them which may lead to the solution of a crime.
  • Distributes crime prevention materials to those residents who are unable to attend meetingss.
  • Cooperates and assists Neighborhood Coordinator.
3. Block Watcher
  • Acts as eyes and ears for their neighbors and reports any suspicious activity.
  • Studies crime prevention materials furnished to them.
  • Checks neighbors' homes when they are out of town.
  • Cooperates and assists the Block Captain.
  • Participates in Operation Identification.
What is Suspicious?
The effectiveness of any crime prevention program depends on the participation of the community.  Reporting suspicious activity is one of the most important things citizens can do.  Many people fail to call because they are unsure exactly what is suspicious, or they fear being labeled as a "nosy neighbor", or they take it for granted that someone else will call.

Call 911or your local law enforcement department immediately when you observe any suspicious behavior!  





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