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Citizens can now access crime data for the City of Brunswick via an innovative on-line mapping software by visiting www.crimemapping.com.  Once on the site's home page, choose Brunswick Police GA under the Choose an Agency tab.  After a few moments, you will be presented with a map of the City of Brunswick showing the  current week's incidents.  The information, updated once daily, is categorized into 14 different groups of crime types and is then plotted onto a geographical map of the city.  

In addition to being to access information for the city as a whole, citizens of the City of Brunswick can enter their own address to receive alerts via email in order to become more informed of the activity occurring in their own neighborhoods.  The software is easy to use and provides accurate and timely data in the form of maps and reports.

The Brunswick Police Department is providing this new service in order to help create a better informed citizenry who is in partnership with us as we strive to create safer neighborhoods.  To get started viewing information for the City of Brunswick, click here!


Prior Years Data

UCR Part 1 Crime Statistics for 2014

Actual Number of Offenses

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
Homicide 0 0                     0
Rape 1 0                     1
Robbery 11 3                     14
Aggrav. Assaults 11 14                     25
Other Assaults 34 47                     81
Burglary 33 17                     50
Larceny 59 60                     119
Vehicle Theft 1 3                     4
Arson 0 0                     0
TOTAL 150 144                     294
2013 TOTAL 139 125 139 151 142 180 172 197 178 155 143 178 1,893
% CHANGE +8% +15%                      
Definitions for UCR Categories
UCR Crime Statistic Totals by Year


These statistics are provided for general use only.  The statistics are compiled and categorized using standards set by the FBI Uniform Crime Report (UCR) program and may not conform to local or state criminal statute definitions.  For official UCR statistics, please refer to the FBI site for official state and local statistics.  

Nearly 17,000 agencies nationwide voluntarily participate in the UCR program.  Due to reporting variances and because the definitions of offenses vary from area to area, the FBI discourages using UCR statistics to compare the crime rates of individual cities or states.  


Number of Arrests for 2014
  # Adults # Juveniles
Jan 89 7
Feb 97 8
Total 186 15
Calls for Service for 2014














4,640 4,734                     9,374
2014 Monthly Traffic Statistics 
  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec TOT
# Accidents Investigated 60 66                     126
# Fatalities 0 0                     0
# Receiving Medical Care 9 7                     16
# Day Time 41                        
# Night Time 12                        
# Dry Weather 53 57                     110
# Wet Weather 7 9                     16
# on Private Property 22 25                     47
# on Streets & Roads 38 41                     79
# DUI Arrests 16 9                     25
Feb 2014
Top Causes of Crashes    Improper Backing
     Following Too Closely
     Failed to Yield
Top Road Locations    Altama Ave
     Glynn Ave
     Newcastle St


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