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Golden Isles Gang Suppression Unit



The Golden Isles Gang Suppression Unit was started by the Brunswick Police Department in partnership with the US Attorney's Office on August 25, 2006 as one preventative measure to assist agencies statewide with the education needed to track, investigate, and arrest Offenders as defined under the Official Code of Georgia Annotated 16-15-3(1) Criminal Street Gangs.  During the first commencement, seventy police officers from agencies residing all over Georgia attended.  Members from the Georgia Gang Investigators Association attended as well as the FBI, GBI, ATF, Customs, Probations, Glynn County Sheriff's Office, Glynn County Police Department, Valdosta College Police, Valdosta Federal Task Force, Toombs County, Southeast Georgia Health System, Coastal Georgia Community College Police, Glynn County School Resource Officers, Glynn County District Attorney's Office, ROCIC, US Attorney's Office and Chatham County District Attorneys office.  Other interested participants are the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.  GIGS now also includes Brunswick Housing Authority and the Appling County Sheriff's Office as well.  In addition, GIGS partners with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.  

Members of G.I.G.S. meet on a regular basis to share gang intelligence information including where gang-related crimes are happening.

The mission statement of G.I.G.S. includes: 

  • To implement a network for all local, state, and federal agencies for the purpose of tracking traditional as well as non-traditional organizations, associations, or groups of three or more individuals that desire to be involved in criminal activities and are associated in fact, whether formal or informal.
  • To educate law enforcement personnel on current trends, activities, and laws on terrorists, motorcycle gangs, and street gangs as well as provide the members with the training to become expert witnesses in a judicial setting.
  • To provide members with the type training that qualifies them as a Gang Specialist or Street Gang Specialist.
  • To provide law enforcement agencies the opportunity to work together in a joint effort so that agencies who are in need of assistance, "but are unsure of resources available to them" receive the assistance needed from other agencies without burdening any agency in order to initiate street gang roundups, investigations and preventative measures.
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