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Child Support Enforcement 262-3000  Glynn Co. Probation  262-3065
Coastal Corrections 261-8007   Glynn Co. Public Defender  554-7070
DFACS 262-3200 Glynn Co. Sheriff's Office 554-7600
District Attorney's Office 554-7200 Glynn Co. Solicitor's Office 554-7380
Georgia State Patrol 262-2380 Probate Court 554-7231
Glynn Co. Board of Education 267-4100 State Court 554-7325
Glynn Co. Juvenile Court 554-7039 State Parole Office 264-7386 
Glynn Co. Magistrate Court 554-7250 Superior Court 554-7272
Glynn Co. Police Department 554-7800 Victim's Assistance 554-7217