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Patrol Services Division

  Capt. Michael Melton

          Capt. Michael Melton





Crime Analysis

Paige Browning  


The Crime Analyst, Paige Browning, is responsible for the collection, collation, and dissemination of information concerning crime patterns and trends from rough data.  The role of the analyst is to provide information to assist operations personnel (investigative, patrol and special operations) in the identification of specific and immediate crime problems.   The analyst uses a variety of highly specialized computer software programs including advanced GIS/crime mapping software to analyze data.   


Uniform Patrol

The Patrol Services Division is divided into four groups, with each group having a Lieutenant and a Sergeant.  The Patrol Lieutenant is the Shift Commander who reports directly to the Patrol Services Division Commander.  In addition to the supervisors, each shift is normally staffed with five street level patrol officers who are responsible for patrolling the city's four zones during their twelve hour shifts.

Patrol Lieutenants

This is management, supervisory police work in directing subordinate officers and participating in the activities of the municipal police department as Shift Commander of a patrol shift.  Work responsibilities include directing or participating in patrol activities, including crime investigation and traffic control duties, during an assigned shift.

Patrol Sergeants

Street Supervisor - Reports to Lieutenant - This is supervisory police work including directing subordinates, participating in patrol activities, responding to complaints and ensuring that calls for service are answered promptly.

Patrol Corporals

Reports to Street Supervisor - Journey level general law enforcement work at the full performance level involving the protection of life and property through the enforcement of laws as well as related preventative and investigative work.  This also includes the responsibility for serving the citizens of the community by performing other general police assignments received from officers of superior rank.

Patrol Officers

Officers answer calls for service and perform duties such as checking closed businesses, aiding with funeral escorts and other special traffic control details, and verification of VIN numbers of vehicles.  Some of the many calls for service answered by patrol officers include: taking initial theft, forgery, and burglary reports; checking suspicious persons or vehicles; locating reported reckless or impaired drivers; mediating domestic disputes and performing traffic stops.  Patrol officers spend much of their time out in the community and meet many citizens while on duty.  Officers also speak with business and homeowners about ways to protect themselves and their property.


Members of the Patrol Services Division are responsible for the protection of lives and property in the City of Brunswick.  Officers are to deter or prevent criminal activity when possible and resolve matters in which crimes have already occurred through investigation and/or arrest.  Officers are to enforce local ordinances, state, and federal laws.  Also, officers are expected to provide public service in many ways which require them to do many tasks for the community that do not involve enforcement of laws.  


Traffic Section

Sgt. Richard Meeks




Ofc. Austin Armstrong  


This unit's primary responsibility is  enforcement of city ordinances and state laws regarding parking enforcement and traffic offenses.  The purpose of this unit is to reduce traffic accidents and injuries resulting from those accidents through preventative patrol and active enforcement techniques.  The use of radar and the S.M.A.R.T.  trailer are just a couple of methods used to enforce speed limits.  These officers patrol school zones to enforce speed limits in order to protect the children of our community.  Roadside safety checks are conducted for the purpose of detecting violations and educating the motoring public on the importance of voluntary compliance with traffic laws.   This section also assists in traffic safety education and proper child seat installation education.


The Traffic Section also has the assignment of  investigating all major vehicle crashes and most minor ones, accidents involving hit pedestrians, and hit and run accidents.  

All uniformed personnel in marked vehicles have traffic enforcement responsibilities whether actually assigned to traffic duties or not.


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