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The Brunswick Police have the primary responsibility of enforcing city ordinances, state traffic and criminal law violations that occur within the city limits. Officers have the responsibility to patrol and concentrate their activities to areas within the city limits of Brunswick. The city of Brunswick lies within the boundaries of Glynn County, Georgia.


The Brunswick Police Department is divided into three distinct groups with each having different responsibilities. These groups work together to ensure that the day-to-day operations of the department run smoothly. The Commanders of each of these divisions reports directly to the Major.

The Patrol Services Division handles most of the daily police work and are the people that come in contact with citizens most often.  The patrol officers, who work twelve hours shifts,  respond to calls from citizens and patrol assigned zones.  The Traffic Section and C.A.P.A.C. (Citizens and Police Against Crime – Brunswick Housing Authority) are also under the command of the Patrol Services Division.

The Investigative Services Division is responsible for the follow up investigation of crimes committed against persons or property and certain financial crimes.  Some of these crimes include homicides, sexual assaults, burglaries, armed robberies, counterfeiting, identity theft and stalking.  The Evidence Unit is a part of this division. In addition, this division also includes the Glynn Brunswick Narcotics Enforcement Team (GBNET) section. GBNET was created in December of 2000 by combining the drug units of the Brunswick Police Department and the Glynn County Police Department.  These units were officially combined in an effort to better combat drugs and drug related crimes in both the City of Brunswick and Glynn County.  Both agencies contribute specially trained officers to the team.  This team is a highly specialized unit involved in the prevention, detection and investigation of criminal activity related to drugs, as well as other vices including prostitution, major theft, fencing rings and organized crime.

The department’s Support Services Division brings many of the specialized operations of the department under one commander. Included in this division are such varied areas as Internal Affairs, Training, the Records Department, Community Service Officers, Deputy City Marshall, the G.R.E.A.T. program, and Recruitment.  The Honor Guard, Bike Patrol, Marine Patrol and the SWAT team also fall under the Support Services Division.

Some functions of the department report directly to the office of the Chief of Police. These currently include the Certification Manager, the Policy and Procedures Manager and the Crime Analyst.

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