How a Citizen May Make a Complaint

Any citizen who feels he or she has a legitimate complaint against the Brunswick Police Department or any of it’s members is encouraged to make the complaint known to the management of the Department. To maintain confidence of the public, citizens must feel free to and be able to file complaints against officers they feel have acted improperly or unlawfully. To that end, all complaints, regardless of grounds, must be investigated.

A person who wishes to lodge a complaint against the Department or any of it’s members may do so by:

  1. Appearing in person at the Brunswick Police Department headquarters regardless of the time of day.
  2. Request a “Citizen’s Complaint Form” from any person on duty at the time of appearance.
  3. Complete the form and return it to the Shift Commander on duty.
  4. The complaint will be fully investigated and disciplinary action, if any, deemed appropriate by the Chief of Police will be taken with no further citizen involvement.
  5. If a person does not wish to appear in person and complete the form, he or she may call the on-duty Shift Commander and lodge the complaint via telephone. The investigation of the complaint will then proceed as if the complaint had been made in person.