Instructions for Request to Restrict (Expunge) Arrest Record

Expungement refers to the purging of criminal history records. Anyone who desires to request expungement of a criminal history record will need to read and carefully follow these instructions.

  1. Print the GBI/GCIC Request to Restrict (Expunge) Arrest Record form and instructions. Read instructions on page one.
  2. Complete Section One – Applicant Information. Be sure to sign and date the Request Form. One date of arrest only per request.
  3. Bring the entire Request Form to the Brunswick Police Department headquarters between the hours of 8am – 4pm Monday through Friday. A non-refundable fee of $15 is due when the Request Form is turned in.
  4. The Brunswick Police Department will complete Section Two – Arrest Information, and will then forward the Request Form to the Glynn County District Attorney’s Office.
  5. The Glynn County District Attorney’s Office will complete Section Three – Prosecuting Attorney of the Request Form. The Prosecuting Attorney will approve or deny the request.
  6. Once the completed Request Form is returned to the Brunswick Police Department, the applicant will be called to come in and pick up the completed Request Form.